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Equine Sports Massage Therapy


ESMT utilizes basically the same techniques applied to "people," but are modified specifically for the equine musculature. With 60% of the equine weight being muscle, full pain-free range of motion, and naturally enhanced performance are just some of the benefits obtained with equines of all disciplines. No animal or human should have to wait to be injured before receiving help. The old cliché of "if it isn’t broke, don't try to fix it" does not apply. Prevention is essential for optimal performance, safety, longevity, and overall well being for horse or human. Prevention is the key as most strain-type injuries are cumulative in nature, and are preventable.

Three important factors for any athlete horse or human are to be as good as possible, to be as safe as possible, and to last as long as possible.


ESMT can be utilized in all disciplines. For example, racehorses suffer from specific cumulative effects because they are run in the same direction. Jumpers suffer from shoulder and neck trauma from the nature of their performance. Dressage horses benefit in general due to the "exacting" movements placed upon them. Endurance horses benefit from ESMT as can be witnessed by their rapid recovery from the grueling long distance events they endure. These are just a few examples.

When & Where

ESMT can be applied pre or post events for the performance equine. Consideration needs to be made for "first-time massage" on an equine and the type of work demanded of them. The ESMT can be performed on-site at the event, but generally is where the horse is most comfortable.


Equine Sports Massage Therapy is not an alternative to veterinarian medicine. It does not diagnose, nor prescribe.




"A massage from Richard is like putting your body in God’s hands. I’ve been getting massages from Richard for the past 2 years and I can say in all honesty "Richard you’re the greatest."
-------D. Luff, Franklin, TN

Richard is very professional and has helped many of my patients with h

is soft tissue work. They all give him high ratings!"
-------Dr. C. Saia, D.C..

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